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Namitha Spicy Hot Photo Collection- online insurance


Namitha Spicy Hot Photo Collection- online insurance


Celebrity Insurance: Would You Insure Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay Lohan is a young woman with a lot of drama under her belt for her age. She has already been convicted of DUI, has been involved in high-profile car crashes, and recently admitted to cocaine use. In the past she has had difficultly getting covered by film producers because of her wild child ways. We hope that she is able to overcome her issues, settle down a little and learn to take care of herself. But until then, as long as Lindsay Lohan is in show business, she is going to need insurance for a number of things. If her file came accross your desk, would you "green light" an insurance policy for her next venture? Would you give Lindsay Lohan car insurance?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Royal Baby 2013

The Royal History of Baby prams

Baby prams were first introduced in the United Kingdom. This was accomplished through the order of the British Court. The first prams were designed to be very elegant, such that baby princesses could sleep in them.
The design of the classic pram was a four-spoke-wheeled wooden carriage with a handle. The handle was in front of the baby. This way, the little princess in the pram could be admired & seen by all while walking. This came to be known as the classic-style baby carriage.
Many companies still produce this classic-style pram, as their popularity has grown recently. Fashion, liking of old design, and key celebrities using this vehicle has helped to create demand for baby prams in today's times.
During the Victorian period, the classic pram caught on really fast. By the mid-1800's, prams became very popular in Europe.
Inglesina and Silver Cross are two notable companies that specialize in manufacturing the classic-style baby pushcart. Both Inglesina and Silver Cross pride themselves on creating these prams in similar fashion as they were by the British Court. That is:
· Specially hand-made
· Created with the finest woods
· Careful attention to detail
· Finest chosen fabrics
· Hand sown designs & logos
The classic carriage has come a long way. The admiration & liking of the pram has extended beyond Europe. Today, classic-style baby prams are very popular in the United Kingdom. Not only the UK, but the pram is becoming evermore popular in Canada, Australia, and the United States.
Undoubtedly, this baby carriage will continue to rise in popularity in the years to come. As a rising middle & upper class emerges in China, India & other developing nations, the baby carriage will catch on there.
As we move from the past to a further technological age, prams will continue to be improved & altered in design for the benefit of both parent and child. Many of the classic prams that existed of the past have been re-worked, and re-modeled.
Many newly designed baby prams last not only for newborns, but for toddlers as well. Some classic pram carriages come 2-in-1, that is, one can convert this pram to a baby stroller in later years. This saves the parent money & allows your baby to get comfortable and used to one transporter.
The baby carriage represents elegance, fashion, and luxury for both parent & baby. As fashion & style become more important, the classic-style baby carriage will take the hearts of many parents... even in today's times.
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Celebs Incredible Body Transformation

Celebrity Diet Plan For Incredible Fat Loss Results!

You need to lose 10 lbs in two weeks for that red carpet! You have a movie premiere coming up and you're over your celebrity weight limit! Well here is a great example of a diet that a celebrity may use in order to trim up for that special occasion!
It's low calorie - low carb - higher protein!
Day One
1 - 7:30 am: Protein Shake post workout (1 scoop protein powder, 1 tsp. almond butter, ¼ banana,water & ice)
2 - 10:30 am: Non-fat greek yogurt
3 - 1:30 pm: 3 oz chicken breast on 1 slice of whole grain bread, 1 tsp hummus
4 - 4:30 pm: 2 oz. chicken breast, 1 tsp hummus
5 - 7:30 pm: 3 egg white omelette with 2 slices of ham and 1 slice lowfat cheese
Water: 3 Liters
Day Two
1 - 7:30 am: Protein Shake post workout (1 scoop protein powder, 2 cherries, water & ice)
2 - 11:00 am: low carb flatbread with 2 oz chicken breast and 1 tsp hummus
3 - 3:00 pm: 1 tbsp. Almond butter and 1 tbsp sugar free jelly on a rice cake
4 - 7:30 pm: Ahi Tuna Sashimi (9 small pieces), small cup of cabbage
Water: 3 Liters
Day Three
1 - 10:15 am: Protein Shake post workout ( 1 scoop, ¼ banana and 1 tsp. almond butter, water & ice)
2 - 1:00 pm: ½ turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, lettuce and tomato
3 - 3:30 pm: Salad with Grilled Chicken, roasted peppers, provolone cheese - no dressing
4 - 7:30 pm: Protein shake (1 scoop, water &ice)
Water: 4 Liters
Day Four
1 - 9:00 am: 2 oz. chicken breast
2 - 12:00 pm: ½ turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, lettuce and tomato
3 - 3:00 pm: Non-fat Greek Yogurt
4 - 6:30 pm: 3 egg white omelette with spinach and feta cheese
5 - 8:30 pm: 3 oz chicken breast, cup of broccoli
Water: 3 Liters
Day Five
1 - 7:00 am: Protein Shake (1 scoop, ¼ banana, 1 tsp. almond butter, water & ice)
2 - 10:00 am: Non-fat greek yogurt
3 - 1:00 pm: 3 oz. chicken on low carb multi-grain flatbread, 1 tbsp. hummus
4 - 5:30 pm: 2 slices roast beef, 1 slice lowfat cheese
5 - 8:00 pm: 5 oz. chicken breast, roasted peppers, onions
Water: 3 Liters
Day Six
1 - 7:00 am: Protein Shake post workout (1/4 banana, 1 tsp. almond butter, water,ice)
2 - 10:30 am: non-fat greek yogurt
3 - 1:30 pm: Salad - 3 oz. grilled chicken over lettuce with low-fat dressing
4 - 4:00 pm: ½ Atkins protein bar
5 - 7pm pm: 3 oz chicken breast, cauliflower, carrots,
Water: 3 Liters
Day Seven
1 - 7:30 am: Protein Shake (water, ice, ¼ banana, 1 tsp. almond butter)
2 - 10:30 am: ½ Atkins protein bar
3 - 1:30 pm: multi-grain flatbread, 1 tbsp. hummus
4 - 4:30 pm: all natural almond and cashew bar
5 - 7:00 pm: 4 oz. salmon, 10 brussel sprouts
Water: 3 Liters
With low calorie diets you can only sustain them for short periods so think about cycling in some higher calorie/carb days. Also in order to off-set any nutritional deficiencies that may arise from low-calorie diets, take a multi-vitamin, and for women use also calcium with vitamin D for healthy strong bones.

Weird celebrity insurance policies

Are the stars pulling our legs, or are their body parts at special risk? Here's a look at some of the unlikely anatomical assets celebrities got covered.

Savvy stars or crazy coverage?
With their paparazzi, bodyguards, mansions and private jets, celebrities live unconventional lives. And you can add one more thing to the list: absurd insurance policies with megabuck payout plans. These are not like typical insurance plans covering your house, car or other valuables. For insurance companies guaranteeing celebrity body parts for sky-high sums of money, the risk is high.

But insurance giant Lloyd's of London is famous for taking on big-digit celebrity policies over the years, including insurance on the legs of dancer Fred Astaire and a finger of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.
Gene Simmons' tongue'
Gene Simmons, bassist for the iconic late-'70s band Kiss, added his own signature move -- sticking out his extra-long tongue to the band's widely recognizable stage presence featuring black-and-white face paint and distinctive jumpsuits.Simmons' tongue, which is said to have been surgically enhanced, was reportedly insured when Kiss was at its peak.
Tom Jones singer 'chest hair'
Many appearance-conscious men are looking to wax or trim their wayward hair, but pop singer Tom Jones must think a little fuzz is critical to his status as a sex symbol. In 2008, the New York Daily News and several other media outlets reported that Jones had his chest hair insured reportedly for millions.Other sources, however, say it isn't true.
Dolly Parton 'bust'
Country music legend Dolly Parton, who is almost as well-known for her curvy figure as for her singing and acting, reportedly has insured her 42-inch bust .That's pretty good money for a woman who grew up in poverty  in an isolated corner of the Great Smoky Mountains

Keith Richards 'middle finger'
Several media sources have reported that Keith Richards, the legendarily hard-living guitarist for the Rolling Stones, has insured the middle finger on his left hand

David Lee Roth 'sperm'
Going a step beyond the idea of insuring body parts, David Lee Roth, the former lead singer of the rock group Van Halen, decided to put a premium on his sperm with an insurance policy , according to The Independent, a British newspaper. Some say this was a forward-thinking move, guarding against possible paternity suits.

Coverage without the cost
It's not always the celebrity who foots the bill. Instead, the insurance policy is often covered by an entertainment company or endorser. For example, Procter & Gamble has an insurance policy on the long, wavy tresses of Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu because the NFL great is the face of the company's shampoo product.

Likewise, Aquafresh toothpaste has insured the teeth of "Ugly Betty" star America Ferrera for millions, making her a poster child for the pearly white smile. Insiders speculate that insuring body parts is a way for a company to get media attention for a celebrity or ignite attention for a brand -- and to increase the overall dollar value of a highly profitable star.

Shirley MacLaine vs. the aliens
OK, so it's not a body part, but it's too wacky not to mention. Storied actress Shirley MacLaine is the owner of one of the most bizarre insurance policies in Hollywood, reports Parade magazine. According to that publication, MacLaine, who has been outspoken about believing in reincarnation and extraterrestrial life, owns a multimillion-dollar policy protecting her acting fortune against an alien abduction. In fact, more than 20,000 people in the United States have forked over insurance money to cover themselves in the event of an alien abduction.

u2  Bono 'Back injury'
U2 frontman Bono's recent back injury has cost his insurance company £11million, according to a report.
Brokers Robertson Taylor are expected to settle the bill after Bono injured his back during rehearsals, reports The Sun.
The star was forced to undergo emergency surgery in May, prompting U2 to postpone their North American tour and cancel their appearance at Glastonbury.
Bono said recently that the injury had been “quite serious”, but that he was on the road to recovery.
As previously reported on Gigwise, U2 have rescheduled their postponed US dates for next spring and summer.