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Strange Local Laws

Strange Local Laws

Weird local laws & bans.Strange laws and odd bans can be found in every American state and around the world. Want to grab your own alligator hatchlings? Don't go to Florida. Does your pickup truck sport giant plastic male genitalia? Don't visit South Carolina anytime soon. While some of these wacky laws went on the books decades ago, city councils across the country continue to enact laws that have us shaking our heads.

A fashion ban

Where: Albany, Ga.

About the ban: The town has banned wearing saggy pants in public.

The fine: Albany has garnered thousands of dollars in fines. Find out how much first-time offenders have to pay.
An ingredient ban

Where: New York, N.Y.

About the ban: Restaurants across the city were forced to stop using a controversial ingredient in 2008.

The fine: Eateries caught using the banned substance can face hefty fines. How much will they have to shell out?
A dog-walking mandate

Where: Turin, Italy

About the ban: Police in this northern Italian city rely on tipsters to turn in violators. What are they looking for?

The fine: Scofflaws can be fined up to 500 euros.
A pet-rodent ban

Where: Billings, Mont.

About the ban: It's against a city ordinance to own, sell or raise a popular pet.

The fine: Residents caught with the banned pets can be fined.How much?
No predictions allowed

Where: Hattiesburg, Miss.

About the ban: Some local business owners closed their doors after they received a violation notice last year. What law were they breaking?

The fine: We're not sure exactly what these particular residents would pay, but some Hattiesburg fines are pretty high.
Unhappy meals?

Where: Santa Clara, Calif.

About the ban: Kids in this Silicone Valley city may be disappointed to find something missing in their Happy Meals. What does the law say?

The fine: Restaurants face large fines if they're found in violation.
A wintertime-fun ban

Where: Belton, Mo.

About the ban: A cold-weather pastime is forbidden under a city ordinance. What can get you in trouble?

The penalty:What happens if you're caught?
A footwear ban

Where: Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif.

About the ban: A well-known actor used to be mayor of this coastal city, where an unusual law was enacted in 1963. What type of shoe is banned on city streets?

The fine: The law isn't enforced, but tourists can buy a "souvenir license" to take home with them.
A bodily function ban

Where: St. Peters, Mo.

About the ban: The law passed last year after the mayor saw a man perform a distasteful act in front of city hall. What did they ban?

The fine: We couldn't find any instances since the Missouri law was enacted, but an Ohio teen was fined in 2009 for the violation.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Best trick-or-treat cites in America

Best trick-or-treat cites in America

Best trick-or-treat cites in America, has ranked the best cities for trick-or-treating based on home prices, crime rates, population density and walkability. See if your city made it into the top 20:Real estate website took all those factors into consideration when crafting its third annual 2011 Zillow Trick-or-Treat Housing Index, released today, ranking the 20 best cities in the country for Halloween.
Zillow used its own Home Value Index and Walk Score, along with population density and local crime data, to determine the rankings

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celebrities with children by different women

Celebrities with children by different women

Celebrities with children by different women.Famous men with several baby mamas, With the number of out-of-wedlock births on the rise, unwed parents aren’t unheard of these days. But some famous guys have taken the situation to a whole new level. Read through to see who has multiple baby mamas.
Marc Anthony

This award-winning singer/songwriter is father to fraternal twins with this mega-star. Their divorce is not his first.
Tom Brady

This Super Bowl-winning quarterback has a son with his top-paid supermodel wife.See pic of the athlete and his model wife with their son.
Antonio Cromartie

The NFL cornerback struggled to remember his kids’ names when he appeared on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” See him with his youngest child.
Oscar de la Hoya

The retired world champion boxer and recent rehab patient – whose daughter appeared on a reality show with her mother– has two kids with his current wife.
Clint Eastwood

The octogenarian Academy Award winner known for his womanizing ways – has put at least two of his children in his movies. See him with his daughters at the Golden Globes
Marshall Faulk

It was revealed in a 2003 trial that the NFL Hall of Fame inductee was paying thousands in child support for three of his kids. See him with one of his daughters.
Travis Henry

The imprisoned former NFL running back was once arrested for falling behind on child support.
Evander Holyfield

The four-time heavyweight champ and “Dancing With the Stars” contestant has been sued for unpaid child support and his $10 million house was auctioned off in 2008.
Mick Jagger

The grandfather and Rolling Stones front man has been linked to several women over the decades, but only married two of them.
Shawn Kemp

The longtime NBA power forward has a son who is following in his athletic footsteps. Does he look like his dad?
Ray Lewis

The Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowler has avoided prison but not thousands of dollars in child support payments.
Lil Wayne

The “How to Love” rapper made headlines when he fathered two babies in the same year. See him goofing around with his kids.
Calvin Murphy

The former Houston Rockets guard was accused of molesting five of his daughters in 2004. What was the verdict?
Rod Stewart

The “Maggie May” rocker became a dad for the eighth time and a grandfather for the first time this year.
Steven Tyler

The Aerosmith front man says he regrets choosing drugs over fatherhood, but has fathered four children, one of whom is this actress look-alike.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Children of politicians

Politicians' kids' troubles
Last month, the governor of Missouri's 21-year-old son was charged with possessio. He's not the only politician's kid to be accused of breaking the law. Whether it's DUIs, drugs, battery, sexual misconduct or smuggling illegal immigrants, we look at some past misdeeds committed by politicians' children.

Ashley Biden

The politician: Vice President Joe Biden (D)

The daughter: Ashley Biden

The trouble: Biden was arrested twice: once in 1999 and again in in 2002. In the latter incident, a policewoman reported that a bottle was thrown at her from the crowd. When she moved to confront the culprit, Ashley allegedly had an incident with a police offer. See her alleged actions.

The punishment: Was she convicted?
John Boyd

The politician: Former congressman Allen Boyd (D)

The son: John Boyd

The trouble: In 2008, Boyd was caught smuggling at the Arizona-Mexico border. A search of his car turned up other illegal items.

The punishment: Boyd pleaded guilty. What was his punishment?
Danny L. Burton II

The politician: Congressman Dan Burton (R)

The son: Danny L. Burton II

The trouble: In 1994, when Burton was 18, he was arrested with 7 pounds of marijuana and charged with possession with the intent to distribute. The charges were dropped. Six months later, he was arrested again, this time in his Indianapolis apartment. What did police find?

The punishment: Federal and Indiana state attorneys decided not to prosecute Burton, but a Louisiana judge was unmoved. What was his punishment?
Bush daughters

The politician: President George W. Bush (R)

The daughters: Jenna Hager and Barbara Bush

The trouble: In 2001 the twin sisters found themselves making headlines after police cited them for misrepresenting their ages in an attempt to purchase alcohol at a famous Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin, Texas. They were 19 at the time, and 21 is the legal drinking age in Texas.

The punishment: Both pleaded not guilty, and their cases were dismissed after their punishments were fulfilled. What did they have to do?
Noelle Bush

The politician: Gov. Jeb Bush (R)

The daughter: Noelle Bush

The trouble: In 2002 Noelle Bush was arrested for prescription drug fraud. She left several messages on a pharmacist's machine, posing as Dr. Noelle Scidmore. What drugs did she want?

The punishment: Bush was sentenced to mandatory drug treatment. While in the program she was found with hard drugs and finally wound up in prison
Caroline Giuliani

The politician: Rudy Giuliani (R)

The daughter: Caroline Giuliani

The trouble: In 2010, Caroline Giuliani was arrested at a New York City cosmetics store. A security camera caught her shoplifting.

The punishment: She was charged with petit larceny. What was her sentence?
Al Gore III

The politician: Former Vice President Al Gore (D)

The son: Al Gore III

The trouble: In 2007, the younger Gore was stopped by police for speeding.After allegedly smelling marijuana, the officers searched the vehicle and found a portable pharmacy full of drugs.

The punishment: Gore pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana and the prescription drugs. What was his sentence?
Alexandra Kerry

The politician: Sen. John Kerry (D)

The daughter: Alexandra Kerry

The trouble: In 2009 Alexandra Kerry was pulled over by police and failed a field sobriety test. She refused a Breathalyzer and was taken back to the police station for testing. Did she pass?

The punishment: Based on her test results, prosecutors made a decision before the case came to trial. What happened?
D'Anne Leigh Mica

The politician: Congressman John Mica (R)

The daughter: D'Anne Leigh Mica

The trouble: Driving home from a Mexican restaurant in 2010, D'Anne Leigh Mica was pulled over by police and admitted to having had cocktails.

The punishment: Despite the evidence, Mica's attorney challenged the legality of the traffic stop. What happened?
Jeffrey Rush

The politician: Congressman Bobby Rush (D)

The son: Jeffrey Rush

The trouble: Jeffrey Rush was head of security at a halfway house for women. In 2007 he arranged to have sex with an inmate off-site. He was found guilty of sexual misconduct and sentenced to 30 months' probation, but kept his job. Why did he lose it a year later?

The punishment: A grand jury handed down multiple counts of official misconduct, but in a deal with prosecutors, Rush pleaded guilty to only a few counts. What was his sentence?

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'Thor 2' release moved, director announced

'Thor 2' release moved, director announced

Thor 2' release moved, director announced The "Thor" sequel was slated to open in July 2013, but the release has been pushed back The first female director to direct a superhero movie, Patty Jenkins, has signed on to the film

Charlie Daniels' band member dies

Charlie Daniels' band member dies

Charlie Daniels' band member dies Longtime keyboardist for The Charlie Daniels Band  Joel "Taz" DiGregorio, died in a reported car accident. He was 67-years-old  DiGregorio co-wrote one of the band's most infamous songs, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"

Luckiest towns in US?

Luckiest towns in US?
Luckiest towns in US?

Luckiest towns in US? A California town was named the luckiest in the US by Men’s Health magazine. Editors looked at data about lottery winners and holes-in-one to determine which cities were luckiest.

Drone virus may be from Internet game

Drone virus may be from Internet game

Drone virus may be from Internet game A virus from a game like "Mafia Wars" may be what has infected the U.S. fleet of predator drones (what kind of virus has infected the drones?). The Air Force has issued a statement about the infected drones (see what they had to say).

Bin Laden ship to host Carrier Classic

Bin Laden ship to host Carrier Classic

The Navy ship responsible for burying Osama Bin Laden at sea will play host to the NCAA Carrier Classic . The game will take place on Veteran's Day ( and will be televised on ESPN.

The world's most expensive dessert

The world's most expensive dessert

The world's most expensive dessert A dessert made by a British jeweler is being billed as the world's most expensive dessert  The decadent dessert, which includes a 2.62-carat diamond ring, won't be a world record until someone orders it, Guinness says.

A free spa day for Stanley Cup rioters?

A free spa day for Stanley Cup rioters?

A free spa day for Stanley Cup rioters?A spa in Vancouver, B.C., is offering a gift certificate to people suspected of being Stanley Cup rioters . The spa's president said, "We think they need to calm down and relax"

Movie inspired man who ‘dogged’ Woods?

Movie inspired man who ‘dogged’ Woods?

Movie inspired man who ‘dogged’ Woods? The Petaluma, Calif., man who was arrested after he allegedly threw a hotdog at golfer Tiger Woods  reportedly says he was inspired by a movie  Brandon Kelly, 31, who says he is a fan of Woods, reportedly explained his actions.What did he say he wanted to do?

Surfer stood on shark?

Surfer stood on shark?

Surfer stood on shark? A surfer working the waves off the coast of Oregon said his board hit something hard as a rock in an area where there are no rocks, and he was thrown from his board. Doug Niblack says he looked down and saw the dorsal fin of a great white shark just in front of his feet.


Pop sensation Tiffany turned 40 this month, making all of us '80s babies feel really old. To take some of the aging pain away, we thought it'd be fun to take a look at where some of the hottest '80s ladies are today. Enjoy wallowing in the wonderful neon nostalgia.

Justine Bateman

Then: Sexy sister on "Family Ties"

Now: She dabbed as a clothing designer and a writer, but Justine most often pops up as a TV guest star. Her most recent gig is the Web series "Easy to Assemble," for which she was nominated for a 2010 Streamy Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Web Series.
Kelly LeBrock

Then: Geek's dream come true in "Weird Science"

Now: In 2005, Kelly starred in VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club." She has three children with ex-husband Steven Seagal and is currently working on a movie called "Prep School."
Phoebe Cates

Then: Bikini-dropping fantasy in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"

Now: Phoebe retired from acting in the mid-'90s to raise her children with hubby Kevin Kline. In 2005, she opened a boutique called Blue Tree on the Upper East Side of New York.
Lisa Bonet

Then: Rebellious daughter on "The Cosby Show"

Now: Lisa, who changed her name to Lilakoi Moon in the '90s, last acted in 2008 TV series, "Life on Mars." Now, she's a regular wife and mom. She and her hubby, actor Jason Momoa, have two children together, daughter Lola Iolani and son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha, and Lisa has a daughter, Zoe Kravitz, with her ex-hubby Lenny Kravitz.
Mia Sara 

Then: School-skipping girlfriend in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

Now: She acts here and there, like in the short-lived 2002 series "Birds of Prey," but for the most part, Mia's M.I.A. in Hollywood. She has two kids: son Dashiell with her ex-husband Jason Connery, son of Sean Connery, and daughter Amelia with her current beau Brian Henson, son of Muppet creator Jim Henson.
Bo Derek 

Then: Cornrowed queen in "10"

Now: Though she still acts periodically, like in 2002's "Master of Disguise," Bo spends most of her time working for environmental causes, taking care of her horses and canoodling with longtime boyfriend John Corbett.
Robin Givens

Then: High school sweetheart on "Head of the Class"

Now: Robin has had some legal trouble in recent years -- she was sued by the U.S. government for unpaid taxes in 2009 -- but she's still acting. In 2008, she appeared in Tyler Perry's "The Family That Preys," and earlier this year, she guest starred on an episode of "Chuck."
Susanna Hoffs

Then: Bangles babe

Now: Susanna was a driving force behind the Bangles' reunion in 2000. Since then, the band has released two albums: 2003's "Doll Revolution" and 2011's "Sweetheart of the Sun." For the past 16 years, Susanna has been married to director Jay Roach, with whom she has two sons.
Catherine Bach 
Then: Daisy Duke duchess on "Dukes of Hazzard"

Now: Catherine took a break from acting to launch a line of diamond jewelry in 2002 and be a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters, Sophia and Laurie. She made a big screen comeback in 2010's "You Again."
Jody Watley

Then: "Real Love"-able singer

Now: Jody hasn't slowed down her "Soul Train." She's been releasing albums nonstop and was given the Billboard Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. She's currently putting the finishing touches on what will be her 10th studio album, titled "Chameleon."
jami Gertz

Then: Half vamp, full hottie in "The Lost Boys"

Now: Jami starred on the defunct-yet-syndicated TV series, "Still Standing." More recently, she starred in "Keeping Up With the Steins," had a recurring role as Marlo Klein on HBO's "Entourage" and guested on the "Modern Family" episode "Slow Down Your Neighbors."
Rebecca De Mornay 
Then: Heart-of-gold hooker in "Risky Business"

Now: Rebecca has worked pretty steadily since breaking onto the scene. Most recently, she's starred in "Flipped," "Wedding Crashers," and "Lords of Dogtown." She has two children from her former marriage to Patrick O'Neal, son of Ryan O'Neal.
Tawny Kitaen 

Then: Glam metal goddess

Now: Whitesnake's leggy video girl had made the VH1 celebreality rounds, starting with "The Surreal Life" in 2006 and then, after a cocaine bust, moving on to "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" in 2008. More recently, she's made headlines for a DUI arrest in 2009
Then: Hip-hop honey

Now: Now an ordained minister, Pebbles runs WOGCL Ministries "Women of God Changing Lives" Through Christ Ministries, which she started in 1998. In 2008, after a 13-year hiatus from music, "Sister Perri" released a gospel album titled "Prophetic Flows Vol. I & II."
Samantha Fox

Then: "Naughty Girl" in need of love

Now: While Samantha's last original album was 2005's "Angel with an Attitude," she's stayed in the public eye via British reality shows, like "Celebrity Wife Swap" and "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here." In 2009, Samantha announced that she and her manager-turned-girlfriend, Myra Stratton, plan to wed.

Meredith Salenger

Then: Corey Feldman's "Dream" girl

Now: After graduating from Harvard in 1992, this "Dream a Little Dream" star returned to Hollywood in movies like "Lake Placid" and "Race to Witch Mountain." In 2009, she went to law school and now works as a mediator in California.